Fat Tape (03/2003)

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"I listen to CDs when I cook. If one remains in the CD player until I'm done, it's gotta be damn good. This one's stayed in for a week straight."

Stones Throw Records

Eothen "Egon" Alapatt

"Sloppy White brings the tasty treats on "Fat Tape", from the minute you open the wrapper the rappers get open. This is the good stuff. Milky!"

Heavy Bronx

DJ Ivory - P Brothers

"If the likes of Doctor Ice and Tall Dark and Handsome make you scratch your head in confusion you're in for a trip. 20 tracks deep, this is a journey into the Golden Era of Hip Hop you probably never knew existed...

Combine all this with some smooth blends that work really nicely, fresh design and the most original packaging I've seen in ages (the CD comes wrapped in silver foil like a Hershey's Kiss - I wanted to eat it but thought it wouldn't be clever) and you've got yourself, well.... an extremely obese mix. Recommended."


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The Way It Was (06/2004)

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"These 22 vintage headbangers might make you want to smash something... maybe your radio. The Way It Was takes you back to when rap was black punk rock, a culture that made concessions to no one, when subversive soundmasters threw Joan Jett and Ozzy in the blender with James Brown and the Bar-Kays, set the BPMs to Crush and watched the sparks fly. Sloppy does the right thing, rescuing these tough nuggets from the dollar bins of history and constructing a mix that’s fresh, fly, wild and bold."

Andrew Mason - DJ Monkone

Waxpoetics Magazine

"Chicago's Sloppy White (no relation to Boston's Skippy White) delivers another fat tape of unearthed classics from the old school, the middle school and the golden era. Want list legends like Sir Fresh and DJ Critical, Ruthless Rod and MC Dollar and Fresh Finesse. YZ, Sway and Tech, the Skinny Boys and Freddie Foxxx round out the "I don't remember them being this hot" side of things. Given Sloppy's obscurantism, we're not exactly sure this is "the way it was." But with excellent mixes, diverse cuts and a generally fun, not excessively trainspotter-ish vibe, perhaps this is the way it should be."

- 4 out of 5 Stars

URB Magazine

URB Magazine

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Get Some (01/2006)

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"Sloppy's mixtapes are the DJ-mixed equivalent of random rap audioblogs like Cocaine Blunts and Hip Hop Tapes, digging out forgotten gems from the Golden Era no one else remembers. Get Some definately doesn't disappoint... Applaud this man."

Waxpoetics Magazine

"DJ Sloppy White: where mud flaps and Random Rap meet. This is the third installment of semi-precious rap gems from the industrious Sloppy, this time packaged with a heavy-duty and hard to file (but not ironic) trucker motif. The obscurantist party gets started with the Prophet L-Cee (not to be confused with the Almighty Prophet El-Cee). L-Cee, who fashions himself “Ace of SPADE”, gets loose over Odetta’s “Hit or Miss”, meekly bragging, “I can swing to the song of your choice.” Sloppy offers up one of the few listenable Finesse and Synquis songs, the Ced-Gee produced “Fatal Beauty”. They sound sluggish and refuse to dis, but Ced’s beat is a winner."

URB Magazine

"That mix is fire!!! Best mix I have heard in a long long time. I'm glad you put that Kid N Play song on there as well. Its a damn good one, even if they are cornballs."

URB Magazine

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