What's this? A lost Power Records joint? Dig the action as a intergalactic space crew venture too close to a black hole and slip into a destructive time warp. The crew is sonically assaulted by a blast of Hip Hop golden goodies. Can the crew escape the ill aural aggression before going DEF?

This mix visits roughly the same era of Hip Hop as Fat Tape with the same balance of the rare to the not-so-rare. From the big braggadocio rock n roll of Don Juan to the conscious oration of Kaos & Mystro, we tip our kangols not only to Power Records for being such great sample fodder for years but also to... The Way It Was.

Thanks to everyone who supported Fat Tape and to all who offered kind words. I hope this mix hits your ear holes in all the right places.


Sloppy White - The Way It Was - Hip Hop Mix CD "DJ Sloppy White’s latest mix is dangerous. These 22 vintage headbangers might make you want to smash something... maybe your radio. The Way It Was takes you back to when rap was black punk rock, a culture that made concessions to no one, when subversive soundmasters threw Joan Jett and Ozzy in the blender with James Brown and the Bar-Kays, set the BPMs to Crush and watched the sparks fly. Sloppy does the right thing, rescuing these tough nuggets from the dollar bins of history and constructing a mix that’s fresh, fly, wild and bold."

Andrew Mason - DJ Monkone

"Chicago's Sloppy White (no relation to Boston's Skippy White) delivers another fat tape of unearthed classics from the old school, the middle school and the golden era. Want list legends like Sir Fresh and DJ Critical, Ruthless Rod and MC Dollar and Fresh Finesse. YZ, Sway and Tech, the Skinny Boys and Freddie Foxxx round out the "I don't remember them being this hot" side of things. Given Sloppy's obscurantism, we're not exactly sure this is "the way it was." But with excellent mixes, diverse cuts and a generally fun, not excessively trainspotter-ish vibe, perhaps this is the way it should be."

- 4 out of 5 Stars

URB Magazine

"The follow-up to his lauded, foil-wrapped Fat Tape, The Way It Was is a nice, meaty mix dedicated to the most random bits of late 1980s rap."

The Wire

"If you like that old-school obscure hip hop flavor, be sure to get your hands on a copy of DJ Sloppy White's new mix CD 'The Way It Was'. It features a shitload of rare and forgotten gems from the late 80's/early 90's and is equally as good (if not better) than his awesome 'Fat Tape' CD. 3 thumbs up!"

Spine Magazine

"Sloppy White is the only person I know besides myself that has the Greyson & Jasun and WISE Guyz albums... Way too much spare time on his hands!"


"This is the second mix I have received from the mysterious Sloppy White and he has yet again hit me with more joints I wish I was up on a LOOOOOOONG time ago. Maybe I have been fooled into thinking this shit is fantastic due to the insane packaging..."

Sage Francis

"Sloppy White’s seamless mix, The Way It Was, is more encouraging than it is nostalgic. I tune in to the clear enthusiasm and innovative style in all these songs, and it makes me want to do something new, fresh and from the heart."

Jaysonic - Time Machine
www.timemachinesound.com | www.gitdrecords.com

"A unique couple of mixes, just left of center but never missing the mark. The attention to detail in the packaging is as high as the standard of the mixing too, a rare thing."

Strictly Kev - DJ Food

"Sloppy's done it again!"

Phil the Soulman

"A hearty selection of rare and hard-to-find tracks culled from the ‘golden era’ of hip-hop...

- 4 1/2 out of 5 money clips"


"Super dope old school hip hop mix from the mystery man behind Fat Tape...

- Highly recommended! "

Fat City Records