Kaos & Mystro, Outcast, World One Records 1989

Kaos & Mystro come out of the Motor City with what I think must be their only full length release. Outcast Vol. 1 comes at you with smart rhymes covering topics ranging from slavery, inner city drug problems and self-enlightenment through knowledge. Almost every song contains a Public Enemy sample so you know they're on the conscious tip. The track you hear here, Outcast, is one of the better tracks off the album. Kaos spins a tale over a fast moving beat of how he used to be thugged out. Yet after "bettering" himself through education, society still views him as an outcast because of the color of his skin.

While the majority of the cuts have this type of theme running through them (Slaves of Society, Trapped - Victims of a Plan, Mass Confusion), there are some party movers on here too. Move Your Body picks up the pace moving butts and minds. The Dog Mix of Mystro on the Flex has plenty of dog "whoofs" from the fellas over a break from Twilight 22's Electric Kingdom. Overall this is a pretty good album from this Detroit crew. The only other One World release i've heard was some run of the mill miami bass by EZB & DJ Los.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.