Class A Felony, Hyped Up, Mercury Records 1993

Here's a nice 45 King produced number off the obscure CD release Class A Felony. The crew was DJ Stitches and rapper Edward Dumar Israel who, unfortunately, left this earth before the album was released. Amidst some duds (like Time To Make the Donuts) there are some nice cuts. Warriors Come Out To Play gets points for the timeless samples from the movie The Warriors. Hostage is pretty much a Bush Sr. "fuck you" track and Black Rain has 45 King revisiting the Black Belt Jones sample to nice effect. If your lookin to complete your Diamond D catalogue, look to I Can't Take No More which features Diamond and Lakim Shabazz minus Dumar (for some reason).

Hyped Up is a pretty cool up tempo ditty that should give you a clear indication of what kind of sound to expect from this release. This is classic 45 King production here with nice rhymes from Dumar to boot. I have seen this CD a number of times on eBay and going for one penny... that's 1 US cent. Even with the handful of duds, this purchase is a no brainer!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.