Grandmaster Caz, Need To Know The Flavor, Tuffy City Records 1992

Geeez... What can you say about this legendary master of the rhyme that hasn't already been said? Grandmaster Caz was there from the giddy up. From getting educated at Kool Herc's infamous 70's block parties to his and Cold Crush's appearance in Wild Style, Caz has had an amazing career. And then there's the Big Bank Hank / Rapper's Delight controversy. I can't even imagine what it would be like to have someone "borrow" my rhymes for a tune that ends up being one of the biggest rap classics of all time. How does that feel?

The aptly titled Grandest of Them All gives Caz a chance truly shine on his own. And shine he does. This record has Caz rapping on tunes with an updated sound (for 92) as well as party type cuts reminiscent of his early 80's output. As segues between cuts, there's interview segments where Caz talks about his history in the game.

Need To Know The Flavor is one of those party cuts with a nice rolling bass line and jangly guitar licks that compliment his voice proper. A great album to have... Hey Tuff City, where's the reissue?

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.