YZ, Taggin It Up, Tuff City Records 1990

Another great Tuff City artist, YZ came up when the label was at it's creative peak. He put out the classic Sons of the Father in 1990 and followed with this nice 6 track EP which contains tracks not appearing on the LP along with the instrumental to his well known bumper, Thinking of a Master Plan. The EP also features the creative production talents of Tony D who helped bang out the classics you hear in the Poor Righteous Teachers catalogue. This joint is filled with strong numbers like the uplifting When the Road Is Covered With Snow and the party cut Mixel Plic Remix. Crocodile Dundee is a strong tune that has YZ labeling himself, one can assume, as a Hip Hop underdog in a strange land of wack MCs.

Taggin It Up is YZ's ode to the B-Boy art of graffiti. In my opinion this is one of the better, handful of Hip Hop tunes that cover the subject. "And this was in me to give you, a wall to look up to... so i'm taggin it up" shouts the MC as he puts up a "wall of words". He encourages the community not look down on graffiti. but to look up to it's positive essence and ability to enlighten it's on-lookers. There's some nice subtleties in here too, like the use of the spray can's "shhhh" and rattle as a percussion element. Nice! This one used to be a cut out a while back but as with all Tuff City records of this era, they are getting tougher to find.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.