Cold Crush Brothers, Cold Crush, B-Boy Records 1988

Damn, Cold Crush Brothers were the shit! When the group contained all it's original members they were a powerful lyrical force. Troopers has Kay Gee and DJ Tony Crush doin it on their own in 88 under the CCB moniker. This album on the B-Boy Records label had a good single in Feel the Horns and a couple of good album cuts like The Bronx and this smoker, Cold Crush.

Kay Gee rips through this tune with tons of boasty word play and a sack full of "Huuuhs!". Man, do I loose it when they harmonize that line towards the end of the cut, "I'm a lover, hood like no other, and my code is the Cold Crush Brother". I don't usually use the word "awesome" in my day-to-day vocab but... is there a better way to describe this tune? If you can't track down this LP for Cold Crush look out for the Streetsounds - Hip Hop 22 comp. "Huuuh!"

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.