Sway & Tech, Baddest Mutha On 2 Turntables, Giant Records 1991

I'm sure you're familiar with MC Sway and DJ King Tech and their nationally syndicated radio show, The Wake Up Show. Turn on MTV and wait 30 minutes (if you can) and i'm sure Sway's mug will pop up as he's a veejay/host of various shows on the channel. He's hardly recognizable here without them big locks... check that flat top he's sportin on the cover of this single.

Back in 91 the duo released their debut album Concrete Jungle as Sway and King Tech after moving from their release as Flynamic Force (a pretty rare slab o wax itself). The album's not bad and it really displayed the creative production skills (and turntable talents) of King Tech. Sway himself has a solid voice and is a decent rapper. Noteworthy cuts are Rock Steady, In Control, The Same Old Thang and Follow 4 Now. The later of which was issued as a single with some pretty good mixes but the real gem on this 12" is the smoking club mix of Baddest Mutha On 2 Turntables. The LP cut is okay but doesn't possess the energy of this mix. It's really a nice cut n paste gem full of horsepower with tight rhymes and clever samples. The beauty of this one is it's not that hard to find. Nice!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.