Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar, In The Groove, Banshee Records 1989

The IL state represent! Chicago had a rich hip hop heritage long before Common and this is definitely one of its shining moments (albeit an obscure one). Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar blow up the spot with their 1989 Banshee Records release Loud As A Banshee. This 12" gives us the blaster, In The Groove, which you will remember hearing part of on DJ Shadow's Diminishing Returns mix. Here's the entire song with all it's hard rhymes, bold choppy drums and fresh DJ work by DJ Fellow-Rock. Talk about raw? This track just wrings you out in all the right places (insert Ozzy screamin "Oh Lord yeah!"). I don't know much regarding the history of this group other than Banshee was a local Chi-town label. Stay tuned to track 9 for more...

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.