Don Juan, The Prime Minister, Concrete Jungle Records 1988

Right after the Power intro (track 1) we start things off hard 87 style with Philly's own Don Juan and his magnum opus, The Prime Minister. The Joan Jett power riffs from I Love Rock N Roll is the vehicle that rides through out this cut. It's a perfect accompaniment to Don's Braggadocios delivery. Some might view this track as simple novelty but when that stuttering chorus comes in it's pure B-boy bliss. There's also plenty of great sample lines where the music drops out just begging to be lifted... for instance: "Like a Boa I will squeeze ya till I snap your spine!" Damn!

I haven't come across a full length by Don nor have I seen any other Concrete Jungle releases (dig that label's logo). I do know there are two versions of this 12". There's a four track 12" (CJ100RE) and a two track 12" which is pictured here (CJ1008). CJ1008 comes with the track featured here and a slow jawn called The Ebony Goodness (see any of LL's pre-90's love tunes for reference). The real score is the four track EP which includes the two aforementioned cuts, an electro anti-drug slice called The Pipe, and an incredible up tempo killer Strapped. A hard one to snag either way.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.