"The king of the random/lost rap mixtape, gains another belt here... king of mixtape execution. For his third CD, he gives you straight-up, a mini truck mud flap CD holder (yes mudflap!). We're talking actual nuts and bolts, reflective strip, thick board that looks like rubber, and silk-screened trucker graphics. The CD is attached to the backside, and features artwork of a big rig chrome wheel. As for the music, you're asking the wrong guys. Only a minute handful of nerdus will be familiar with the tracklisting of obscure hip-hop; but for the mix construction, you know Sloppy comes extra-detailed with added dialogue."


"Sloppy's mixtapes are the DJ-mixed equivalent of random rap audioblogs like Cocaine Blunts and Hip Hop Tapes, digging out forgotten gems from the Golden Era no one else remembers. Get Some definately doesn't disappoint... Applaud this man."

XLR8R Magazine

"DJ Sloppy White: where mud flaps and Random Rap meet. This is the third installment of semi-precious rap gems from the industrious Sloppy, this time packaged with a heavy-duty and hard to file (but not ironic) trucker motif. The obscurantist party gets started with the Prophet L-Cee (not to be confused with the Almighty Prophet El-Cee). L-Cee, who fashions himself “Ace of SPADE”, gets loose over Odetta’s “Hit or Miss”, meekly bragging, “I can swing to the song of your choice.” Sloppy offers up one of the few listenable Finesse and Synquis songs, the Ced-Gee produced “Fatal Beauty”. They sound sluggish and refuse to dis, but Ced’s beat is a winner. I’ve always had a soft spot for Hot Day aka Dante – check out “Going Straight Up” for a song that’s so fiery and Larry Davis-riffing, you won’t believe it came from an album featuring Dante’s corny, graph-paper sports coat on the cover."

The Wire Magazine

"Sloppy hit me with some that I love, a few I'm aware of but have passed over but now want to revisit, and some I didn't know and that's what a DJ is supposed to do so mission accomplished!"

Rhymesayers Entertainment

Kevin Beacham

"That mix is fire!!! Best mix I have heard in a long long time. I'm glad you put that Kid N Play song on there as well. Its a damn good one, even if they are cornballs."

Sage Francis

"Loving the new mix, best yet, some great golden period hip hop lesser knowns in there. Nice overall theme perfectly complimented by the best packaging yet. Large!"

Strictly Kev - DJ Food

Ninja Tune | DJ Food

"Kid N' Play + Gee & Jay on the same mix that comes stuck on a mudflap...
Sloppy's gone berserk!!!"


K-Prince (BBP)

"A triple-dose of dopeness... another essential old school megamix. Over and out."

- 5 out of 5 money clips


"Third installment on golden era Hip-hop rarities expertly mixed by Sloppy White packaged in a way you have to see to believe! Sloppy White's mix CDs have developed quite a following over the years. His combination of inspired packaging and the kind of obscurities even the most hardcore collector will struggle to identify is a winning combination. Music wise the mixing is fault-less and straight forward, letting the beats do the talking... This is as good as it gets if you're yearning for days gone but fed up of hearing the same old 'classics'."

Fat City

"Honk if you’re noisy. Third ace mix CD from Chi-Town’s prince of slept-on 80s Hip Hop, bringing the funky loudness from Hard Knocks, Def IV and many more rap crews with names like “Most Hard”. The mix alone is a slammer, but it’s the design concepts that blow you away. This truckin’ themed CD is a rig wheel and comes attached to a replica mudflap with fly logos and bolts through it. Amazing. And that’s a BIG Ten-four."

The Stool Pigeon

"I wouldn’t normally review mixtapes, but I daresay once you’ve seen it you’ll want one... Chicago’s Sloppy White is now on his third killer ‘concept’ CD of slept-on golden era rap, pulling out shouty, drum-heavy gems from Hard Knocks, Too Kool Posse, Def IV and so on – but where the buck stops and jaw drops is his packaging."

Fact Magazine

Fact Magazine

"When DJ Sloppy White releases another mix tape, there’s a certain tension rising here at the office... you just know that it will a) contain rare gems that you’ve never heard of, or always looked over, b) be wrapped up in fantastic art work and c) give you a blast from the past with long-time-no-heard, impeccable grooves. 'Get Some' is Sloppy’s third effort and once again lives up to all expectations.

"'Get Some' is a tight, sparkling mix of the long forgotten, the overlooked and the heavily sought-after. Freshened up with samples from trucker B-movies and the all-black CD being pinned on a mini mud- flap (only enhancing its cult status) this is once again a great listening experience and collector's item, you will not only enjoy but also stimulates you to dig further in your quest for the rare and illustrious of rap’s heydays."


"A great mix with a real nice selection (I liked the inclusion of a few things that aren't all that rare or obscure but are just good hip hop, like the Kid N Play joint). But also as usual, the packaging is NEXT LEVEL. Bolts and screws, man.... wow. Has anybody ever done anything even remotely like that before?"

World Of Beats


Mixtape of the Month - Juice Magazine


"Sloppy has truly outdone himself on this one. Nobody is even coming close to him in the mix CD packaging game and his song selection and mixing are super on-point too! Heavy rotation material!"

Twelve Car Pileup

DJ Mike the 2600 King

"The impeccable track selection and mixing coupled with the mud-flap packaging insanity places "Get Some" way ahead of the mixtape game. Put on your wig straps folks!"

Vanguard Squad


Listen up and make a run cross country to deliver a payload of Hip Hop goodness in record time. With the kooky charm of trucker b-movies and the CB craze of the late 70s/early 80s, we dive into mix number 3 of overlooked Golden Era Hip Hop… Hootenanny styles! I went all out on the packaging this time around. Your mix comes to you in a mini-mud flap as if it were ripped off the back of a big rig (complete with real nuts/bolts: view detail). The front cover is silk-screened with the help of our good buddy’s over at Spike Press. Saaal-lute!

Thanks to everyone who supported the previous mixes. Until the next one, keep your wheels out the ditches... and Smokey off your britches!

Now come Get Some!

View track info

Heavy In The Streets talks with Sloppy about his weird and memorable diggin' experiences.

Check It
Heavy In The Streets

DJ Mekalek, beat smith/DJ of one of LA's coolest Hip Hop crews Time Machine, recruited Sloppy to design the covers for his new album and "double a-sided" 12" single. The album is hot and will be dropping in June. The single is out now on Glow in the Dark Records which features Fedd Hill and a banger from legendary lyricist Percee P.

12" - Fedd Hill side

12" - Percee P side

LP/CD - Cover
Time MachineGlow in the Dark Records

The fine folks at Platform8470 take some time out to interview Sloppy White.

Check It

Sloppy White - The Way It Was

The Way It Was (06/2004)

"These 22 vintage headbangers might make you want to smash something... maybe your radio. The Way It Was takes you back to when rap was black punk rock, a culture that made concessions to no one, when subversive soundmasters threw Joan Jett and Ozzy in the blender with James Brown and the Bar-Kays, set the BPMs to Crush and watched the sparks fly. Sloppy does the right thing, rescuing these tough nuggets from the dollar bins of history and constructing a mix that’s fresh, fly, wild and bold."

Andrew Mason - DJ Monkone

Waxpoetics Magazine

"Chicago's Sloppy White (no relation to Boston's Skippy White) delivers another fat tape of unearthed classics from the old school, the middle school and the golden era. Want list legends like Sir Fresh and DJ Critical, Ruthless Rod and MC Dollar and Fresh Finesse. YZ, Sway and Tech, the Skinny Boys and Freddie Foxxx round out the "I don't remember them being this hot" side of things. Given Sloppy's obscurantism, we're not exactly sure this is "the way it was." But with excellent mixes, diverse cuts and a generally fun, not excessively trainspotter-ish vibe, perhaps this is the way it should be."

- 4 out of 5 Stars

URB Magazine

URB Magazine

"The follow-up to his lauded, foil-wrapped Fat Tape, The Way It Was is a nice, meaty mix dedicated to the most random bits of late 1980s rap."

The Wire Magazine

The Wire Magazine

"Sloppy White is the only person I know besides myself that has the Greyson & Jasun and WISE Guyz albums... Way too much spare time on his hands!"

Sage Francis

View more props and The Way It Was track info

Sloppy White - Fat Tape

Fat Tape (03/2003)

"I listen to CDs when I cook. If one remains in the CD player until I'm done, it's gotta be damn good. This one's stayed in for a week straight."

Stones Throw Records

Eothen "Egon" Alapatt

"Sloppy White brings the tasty treats on "Fat Tape", from the minute you open the wrapper the rappers get open. This is the good stuff. Milky!"

Heavy Bronx

DJ Ivory - P Brothers

"If the likes of Doctor Ice and Tall Dark and Handsome make you scratch your head in confusion you're in for a trip. 20 tracks deep, this is a journey into the Golden Era of Hip Hop you probably never knew existed...

Combine all this with some smooth blends that work really nicely, fresh design and the most original packaging I've seen in ages (the CD comes wrapped in silver foil like a Hershey's Kiss - I wanted to eat it but thought it wouldn't be clever) and you've got yourself, well.... an extremely obese mix. Recommended."


"A unique couple of mixes, just left of center but never missing the mark. The attention to detail in the packaging is as high as the standard of the mixing too, a rare thing."

Strictly Kev - DJ Food

Ninja Tune | Solid Steel Radio

View more props and Fat Tape track info

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