Kaos and Mystro, Timeless Insight of Kaos Remix, World One Records 1990

If you checked my previous mix, The Way It Was, you'll remember that I spun a tune from the Detroit group Kaos & Mystro. They were very well known in the D back in the day and released one full length on One World Records called Outcast Vol 1. They put out tunes about the ills of society and self-enlightenment through knowledge (as maybe you gathered from this single's cover). The album itself is pretty slept on outside of the Motor City but did showcase the verbal skills of Kaos and the DJ/production work of Mystro.

As I had previously noted, Public Enemy must have been one of the groups they looked up to at the time. Every tune seemed to have a Chuck D sample and this single is no exception. Timeless Insight of Kaos appeared on Outcast Vol 1 but this is a complete sonic overhaul to the album track. Kaos has completely reworked the lyrics making it completely fresh and new. From a musical stand point, given that they seemed to admire PE, this sound is pretty darn close to the Bomb Squad's "Wall of Sound" production aesthetic in that it's fast paced and every inch of space is filled for the most part. The energy is impressive and the beat switch ups are a nice touch to keep the track sounding fresh. Not sure what happened to Kaos but Mystro got religion and is recording Christian Hip Hop under the handle Maji.

And with that i'll say God bless... We're down, we're gone... Bye, bye.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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