Hard Knocks, Thoughts of a Negro, School of Hard Knocks LP, Wild Pitch Records 1992

Rolling along on the same Sweat Pea drum beat used in I'm Large, we drop into a tune from a slept on Wild Pitch classic. Hard Knocks was a crew outta NYC that dropped a great full length for the infamous label after 3 early singles as 3 the Hard Way. The single Dirty Cop Named Harry was slated to appear on an album entitled First Come, First Served on the Noontime label. That must have fell through at some point as they signed with Wild Pitch and brought us School of Hard Knocks. Street-wise and politically motivated, Hardhead, the groups MC, drops line after line of inner city issues from previously mentioned Dirty Cops to the everyday struggles living in the ghetto (Runaway Child, Running Wild - Young Black Male). Song for song, this album was arguably the most politically motivated Wild Pitch release before The Coup dropped their debut a year later. Speaking of which, Hardhead and Coup MC Boots had a very similar delivery tone-wise.

Thoughts of a Negro not only epitomizes the essence of the album to a T, but it's also a master blaster. The up-tempo beats and blaring horns really uplift the self-conscious message straight to the listeners nodding head. This tune can also be found as the b-side to the Wild Pitch single Dirty Cop Named Harry. If you're really interested in a group that had potential but dropped off the radar, seek out the album… Class's in session.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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