DJ Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip, I'm Large, Masters of the Rhythm LP, Mercury Records 1989

Chuck Chillout's roots in Hip Hop go back to his days as an infamous New York rap show host on WBLS. He was also part of the B-boys who put out the first seminal Hip Hop On Wax series from 84 on the Vintertainment label. Later, Chuck would team up with MC Kool Chip to release their first full length, Masters of the Rhythm in 89 on Mercury Records. The album as a whole is pretty solid and had a steady flow of singles which really showcased Chuck's skills as producer and DJ. The single everyone heard back in the day was Rhythm is the Master which cleverly sampled Talking Head's Once in a Lifetime to great effect. The Mic I Grip, That's Life and Time To Rhyme are all sure shots supported by Kool Chip's powerful and upfront vocal force.

Every time I put on I'm Large, whether the folks I'm playing it for remember it or not, people bug out to the James Bond riffs over Tommy Rowes pounding Sweat Pea drums. Thank you John Barry and thank you Chuck for the loop job. It fits and it's funkin' HYPE! You also get a sample drop from his earlier B-boys days with 2, 3 Break before the chorus. The track itself is constructed rather simple and is complimented perfectly by Chip's commanding braggadocios oration. You can find the duo's singles (I'm Large being one) without too much headache. I would pursue Masters of the Rhythm, an album worth picking up because it's not that elusive and it's really quite good!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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