Just-Ice, Bring'em Back Alive, Gun Talk LP, Savage Records 1993

Brooklyn born Joseph Williams, Jr., a former club bouncer, transformed himself into Just-Ice in the mid 80's and went on to release a number of essential albums for New York's Sleeping Bag Records. "Going way, way back" to 86 and his first classic release, Back to the Old School, Just had a rugged vocal approach that complimented the style of the album's producer, fellow label mate Mantronix. Just and KRS-One would handle production on the albums that followed for the label. All of which showcased a handful of bangers lead by Just-Ice's rhyme skills and raw vocal delivery. Separating from Sleeping Bag after 1990's Masterpiece (uh, not quite), it would be three years before Just would put out another album, this time on the Savage label.

Gun Talk isn't his best record but it did reunite him with Mantronix who produced half the album. As you can probably guess by the title, the record is filled with ditties about money, women and guns. While the album was the beginning of his slip from days of old, Gun Talk is locked and loaded with a few smokers. Bring'em Back Alive is a sure shot tune which describes his ability not only to "smoke" rappers with his incredible rhyme ammo but also resurrect his slain competition in the same verse. Backed by a rolling drum beat and a Kool and Gang Horn blast, Bring'em Back Alive is worth the price of admission and actually one of my favorite Just-Ice tunes. The album's not that hard to get on vinyl or CD. If you spot it, give it a listen.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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