Too Brown, Jazz Keep My Beat Bumpin', Takin' No Shorts LP, Vibe Records 1989

Philly represent! Too Brown was a crew outta of the city of "brotherly love" who put out a monster indie LP on Vibe Records from 1989. This 5 man crew brought heat with their underground single Erie Ave, Is The Promise Land. Folks who were impressed by Erie Ave's hard hitting lyrics and nicely composed beats were not disappointed when the needle dropped on Takin' No Shorts. Tunes like, Chicken Head, Erie Ave. and I'm In There kicked mucho ass making one wonder why these guys never went further in the industry.

Jazz Keep The Beat Bumpin is one of my favorites from the album that rides ever so nicely on top of the BT Express sample classic, Do You Like It. Yes I do. Especially when you throw in that gritty Rufus Thomas chuckle and chicken scratch guitar from Itch and Scratch. The tune gives you a nice example of what the album's high points are like and is a great ode to the group's wax manipulator, DJ Jazz. Someone needs to reissue this one back into rotation. Otherwise you'll be diggin long and hard to uncover this high fidelity diamond.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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