2 Deep, Groovy Thang, Honey, That's Showbiz, Cold Chillin Records 1990

I'm sure heads are probably saying "2 Deep? Haven't I seen that album sittin' around forever in the racks?" Well, if it's cheaped down or at least reasonably priced, pick it up. You are assured a few dope jams by MC Jae Supreme and Thomas "On Time". More on those in a sec… But as a whole Honey That's Showbiz is a little mediocre, especially since it came from such a respected label. Most of the a-side is littered with Hip-House cuts as the b-side wins again with more tunes rooted in raw Hip Hop.

The first single I Didn't Do My Homework, was a horrible choice to throw to the public as it's pretty lack luster. A better choice would have been Beats N The Lines which made some good use of Wild Sugar's horn stabs from Bring It Here. The Beastie's Brass Monkey made them almost untouchable for sampling, but it's refreshing to hear that brass in another context.

The other sure shot is Groovy Thang. It's hard to go wrong with Gaz's Sing Sing bubbling underneath your tune. The energy increases when they cut up Syl Johnson towards the middle, "Can you dig it? Alllll right". Yes… yes, I dig very much.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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