A.O.K., Shack It Up, Profile Records 1989

All Out Kings, my friend, All Out Kings… This is the only AOK single that I'm aware of which actually turns up from time to time. But my real question is: Was there ever a full length? I can only imagine that it would be chocked full of the b-boy bliss that is repped on both sides of this slab.

The track thrown in here is the a-side Shack It Up. Backed by driving rhythms "keeping your radios active", A.O.K. come with "the hunger to win" taking out sucker MCs with ease. That's right, a dope jam about battling and being the creme of the crop. You might see this one turn up in remix form (by Coldcut no less) on one of the DMC "members only" albums from 1990. It's more "housey" and not quite as strong as the original. The Signal, on the b-side, is an "all out" call for b-boy unification against a bloated music industry and it's wack artists. Very dope!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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