Blue Eyes, The Law, Union Hall Records 1991

DJ Mink's single Hey Hey Can U Relate has become an elusive cut to track down over the past few years, even with it being issued on a few comps. Here's an interesting UK release showcasing one of Mink's instrumentals that lives on the b-side of an EP by Blue Eyes. They were a crew from across the pond that put out this semi-decent release on Union Hall Records.

The Law is an up-tempo number centered around Andy Capp's reggae jammy of the same name. Mink used every inch of sonic space spackling it with drums, horns and a little Shack Up by Banbarra all make the BPMs seem faster than the cut actually is. I can take or leave the other Blue Eyes songs on here as the rapping isn't all that. But it's definitely worth the hunt for the Mink instrumental. A great track and a perfect fit for some of the Sheriff Beauford T. Justice samples I dropped in. "You sum bitches!"

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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