Grand Daddy I.U., Soul Touch, Smooth Assassin LP, Cold Chillin Records 1990

I recall seeing a recently released vinyl EP entitled Classics by Grand Daddy I.U. Maybe Cold Chillin legitimately put it out… not sure. It had some of his better output from his days at the Juice Crew stable but one track was sorely overlooked from that comp. Soul Touch, in my opinion, is the best track from I.U.'s early Cold Chillin' days and personally my favorite tune on this mix. It's hard to go wrong with a classic, simple Biz Markie and Cutmaster Cool V production. The track is basically built on a crusty 45 chorus and a piano loop that, had he heard it, surely must have put a smile on Subroc's face (RIP). IU's delivery, think Rakim with a deeper voice if you haven't heard him, fits perfectly in the groove while popping off line after line of gold. He's definitely the man with the rhythmic Midas touch "in my fingers and in my wrist (music drops)… I even got soul in my PE-NIS". Damn!

The album as a whole has it's share of moments with Something New, I Kick Ass and Dominoes to name a few. I think it's a decent release if only on the strength of Soul Touch alone. His second album Lead Pipe wasn't all that great as he decided to go more hard core and gangster. Smooth Assassin is definitely one to look for as you're filling in your Cold Chillin' holes.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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