Kid N Play, Gittin' Funky, Cooltempo Records 1988

Rollin' with Kid N Play was my first introduction (unknowingly) to the DC Go-Go Scene back when Kid N Play's debut, 2 Hype, dropped. And the video they shot for the single proved that these guys were ultimate showmen. Actors, dancers, musicians… "the stars of stage, wax and video". True indeed… hell, I think Play even had a clothing line at one point. Non-threatening? Yes. Greatest rap duo ever? No. Entertaining? I'd say so. I think everyone I knew had this record at the time, black and white. Remeber when Hip Hop used to be this fun? 2 Hype also showed that these guys had come a long ways from their days as Fresh Force and the 2 singles they cut for Sutra Records.

Gittin' Funky is a favorite from their first album. It's a simple party joint that puts a nice shine on Kid N Play's back N forth rhyme style. Herbie "Luv Bug" Azor shows he can come with a nice gritty jam as well the Go-Go bump he would drop every know and again (see Salt N Pepper's Shake Your Thang). You can find the full length, which holds up pretty well, without too much hassle. I would hunt down the UK single for Gittin' Funky. It has a UK Remix by Danny D that has just as much punch (some would argue more) as the original mix.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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