K-Cloud and MC Valentine, We Like It Hyped, We're Here To Stay LP, Cloud 9 Records 1989

East Bay Grease is my favorite Tower of Power LP. Pretty much every cut on that joint is a funky knock out. There's so much that can be utilized from said LP that when I heard those horn blasts from Knock Yourself Out on this cut by O-town's K-Cloud & MC Valentine, I was floored. Seems like I've heard the open drums used elsewhere but I can't recall anyone using that brass. It certainly elevates the track to a higher level. The rest of the production seems like simple drum machine stabs to fill in the holes, which at times doesn't measure up to the energy of those horns. I intentionally left a loop from the BTX track underneath just to give it a little more bottom so it would hold up sonically next to This Jam Is Black.

The album itself no one seems to care for and maybe rightfully so as they're really only a couple of good tracks on here. Hype is a winner and I also dig Everybody Dance which is more up-tempo and has an energy all its own. The rest of the tunes are bassy joints that you might expect to hear from Miami instead of Oakland around this time frame. But you gotta love K-Cloud's dope ass gold chain with the cloud and a single lightening bolt. I guess those white shorts were on point back in the day but maybe they should've stayed starboard with Captain Stubing and Isaac.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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