The BTX, This Jam Is Black, Select Records 1991

Select Records put out some nice one-off singles back in the day, The BTX being one. The BTX's This Jam Is Black is a perfect example of Hip Hop's power to move butts and minds with a positive pro-black message. Brother J runs the chorus with a "Let me tell you 'bout blackness" sample from the vainglorious first LP by X-Clan. And let's not forget those great vocal "Ya's Ya's" from Sly and the Family Stone's Sing A Simple Song. They've empowered many a track and this one's no exception. All of that sits proudly on top of James Brown's great beats and bass from Can I Get Some Help.

There's two other mixes on the b-side, a slightly different take on the original and a house interpretation as well. On a side note, this single was produced and mixed by Hip Hop scribe Havelock Nelson who, with Michael A. Gonzales, brought us the very informative book, Bring the Noise, back in 91. Great tune, great message and a nice party mover which ain't too difficult to track down.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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