Gee and Jay, Got To Get Some, Mob Records 198?

Shit, and I thought Reel Deal's Drippin' Dope was the best Mob Records release, a small off-shoot to B-Boy Records (see The Way It Was mix). Gee and Jay come with a single that stands right up next to Reel Deal for sure. When I got hipped to this track I was still kickin around the idea of a mud flap packaging angle and trucker theme. This tune most definitely solidified the aesthetic of this mix after one listen, as well as becoming the mix's title.

X-Rated Lynn is the single's first tune which is okay in a kinda nastier LA DI-DA-DI sort of way. But you can easily skip right over to getů well, Get Some. Raw drum beats open the track and in comes some dueling banjos that would have sent Ned Beatty's pig squealing "pretty mouth" runn'in for cover! The lyrical delivery is straight and the rough scratch patterns laid down by the DJ in the middle are simple yet raw. How many Mob releases there are I'm not sure of, but if there's more out there of this caliber they need to be uncovered.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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