Hot Day Aka Dante, Going Staright Up, It's My Turn LP, Tuff City Records 1989

Hot Day Dante put out this Tuff City nugget from 1989 which, pound for pound, wasn’t the greatest album from the massive stable of TC releases. That said it does offer it's share of hype tunes. Hot Day aka Dante had previously put out a single on Hot Day Records (presumably his own label) entitled Hot Day Master Mix from 1987. As a side note it featured a young Percy Chapman (Intelligent Hoodlum/Tragedy) on a pretty cool B-side called Go Queensbridge.

The rapping on It's My Turn is mostly top notch throughout with lyrical smarts being dropped by the likes of Arkim, Mystique, Prince Suagr Daddy, MC Cor and Shahid. Need proof? Check the bangers Put The Party In Full Effect and Hot Day's Turn. Another perfect example is the amazing Going Straight Up which is a monster tune showcasing some really nice, hard rhyming from Dante's assemblage of rappers. “Forget Nintendo, I’m your entertainment system” is word for sure. This tune is laced with great, entertaining deliveries. Later Dante would form P.H.D., another Tuff City project from the early 90s with rapper Poet. P.H.D came with an east coast gangsta slant and even went as far as dissing KRS-One (now that takes balls). Tuff City was offering up original copies of It’s My Turn for a minute but their stock must of run out. Seek it out... on the strength of Going Straight Up alone!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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