Monay and DJ Cuthroat, Choke On This, Stupid Records 1988

Uh Oh… here we go again with the classic rock riffs. This time DJ Cutthroat pumps Zepplin's Dancing Days on the chorus while Monay delivers what seems to be an anti-crack jammy. "When you hit that pipe your heart gets cold!" So don't choke on them rocks, "choke… oooon… this!" "This" being this sweet jam. I don't know too much about Monay but some internet digging proclaims that she was a white female rapper that used to be part of Femme Fatal (??). I DO know this is a nice little 12" on the small Stupid Records label. Cold Busted is a Salt N Pepper-ish uptemo cut that's pretty good, but the real winner to me is Choke on This. The tune has a really nice cut and paste appeal going on especially when Cuthroat drops samples from their rap counterparts of the day (Slick Rick, Easy E, Ice-T, etc...).

I haven't seen another one of these in a while, but I don't think it's incredibly rare. So keep diggin' and stay off the pipe!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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