Finesse and Synquis, Fatal Beauty, Soul Sisters, Uptown Records 1988

You just gotta pick up a release from this era that has Cedrick Miller’s name in the production credits. You’re more than likely guaranteed heat. Miller, aka Ced Gee of Ultrmagnetic MCs fame, produced the entire b-side of tracks on Finesse & Synquis Soul Sister album. He also leant his sonic skills to another powerful female MC during the same year for Antoinette’s first album.

Soul Sisters is an album that tends to get over looked. Admittedly, there a number of throw away cuts here, like the whole a-side. That said, there are a few winners like Soft But Deadly and A Jam Ain't A Jam. Fatal Beauty is a nice eerie, yet seductive, mid tempo track that really complements Finesse & Synquis as they rhyme about their deadly and sexy mic skills. “Definition of this jam – the shit is dope!” Dope indeed! Dope like those tight Gucci leather styled suits and fat chains they’re sportin’ on the cover. Just staring at that picture makes me wish I could “Voltron” into that Jeep with those “fatal beauties” max’in on top of me. Then after we’re through max’in I’d morph into a huge bottle of Moet where the ladies could swim inside naked and unashamed. Then we’d… Jesus! Snap out of it, kid! Sorry...

Anyway, Ultramag fans will want this just for Ced’s work but it’s also a nice document of a handful of dope female MCs who killed it at the time.

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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