Def IV, Do It E-Z, Nice and Hard, Rap-A-Lot Records 1989

Whoa, what a nice album! Def IV’s Nice and Hard has got to be one of my favorite lesser known albums from the late 80s and it’s also a surprisingly “unthugged” release from James Smith’s Rap-A-Lot label out of Houston. You would never think this one came from the same stable that would be infamous for issuing the first Geto Boys album a year later. Nice and Hard is chocked full of nice beats (We Don't Play), clever word play (No Time for TV) and great stories (What Goes Up). I would say that most of the cuts that appear on this LP are pretty strong.

The track featured hear is a an ode to the group's DJ, E-Z. When I first heard Do It E-Z I was immediately sucked in with Baby Huey's Hard Times tucked under that Hendrix riff from Foxy Lady on the chorus. Is there anything better than classic breaks boosted by classic rock guitar pepper? So simple yet so powerful. We get another example of Def IV's musical prowess on track 8… stay tuned!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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