L-Cee, Ace Of Spades, Priority Records 1989

We kick things off with a little Profile ditty that more than likely slipped through the rap radar of the day. I donít know too much about L-Cee but this b-side might be one of the first to utilize the massive Odetta break from Hit or Miss(??). Regardless, Ace of S.P.A.D.E. is a beautifully crafted track that fits Lís braggadocios delivery. ďIím not the tres or the deuce, but the A number 1... I donít come secondary cuz Iím the top gun...Ē Oh word? KRS may have been the Jack of Spades but L is the Ace on this slab. The a-side, The Prophecy, is a nice mid-tempo which samples Malcolm X on the chorus but seems to be more about the dopeness of L than any social commentary. SMPTE Got It Lokced is more of the same with a nice P-Funk loop.

Iím not sure if L-Cee put out another release but this 12Ē turns up every now and then with a decent price tag. Snag it!

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Note: Track 01 is the intro.

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