From Rare joints by the likes of Makeba and Skratch to skimmed over gems by artists like Hostyle, Fat Tape represents that "Golden Era" of Hip Hop that i've loved as a young head (circa 88-91). Raw production and ill raps straight from the gut. The ingredients spotlight rare tracks as well as cuts from LPs and 12's that are great but don't get a second look wasting away in cut out crates. The idea being that you can actually go out and grab some of these tracks without having to search the ends of the earth or pay a fortune for them. Any way, I love this music and this is something i've wanted to do for a long time. So if you wanna order a copy, the support will be greatly appreciated. Hope you like...

"Fat Tape expertly explores a much overlooked era in hip-hop: the late 80s/early 90s before the hip-hop marketing machine was in effect. It's either gonna be something quite obscure, or something that you would never give a second glance at in a dollar crate- I never even heard of half the stuff on here.
Sloppy sheds light like black jesus...
Did I mention the mixing is excellent?"

Turntable Lab
"...a fine selection of rap classics from forgotten groups like Tall, Dark and Handsome, Partners In Crime, and Greyson & Jasun, plus overlooked winners from Nice & Smooth, King Sun and Lakim Shabazz, well mixed with no shout-outs.

...very highly recommended all around."

GrandSlam Magazine
"If the likes of Doctor Ice and Tall Dark and Handsome make you scratch your head in confusion you're in for a trip. 20 tracks deep, this is a journey into the Golden Era of Hip Hop you probably never knew existed...

Combine all this with some smooth blends that work really nicely, fresh design and the most original packaging I've seen in ages (the CD comes wrapped in silver foil like a Hershey's Kiss - I wanted to eat it but thought it wouldn't be clever) and you've got yourself, well.... an extremely obese mix. Recommended."


"Brilliant mix with great music and packaging good enough to eat, covering one of the better period's in Hip Hop's history."

DK - Ninja Tune / Solid Steel

"...the dopest packaging you're ever likely to see, (I won't spoil it for y'all cos it'll ruin your dinner…clue.) and Sloppy's ill, creative blends and you'll find that Mr White's tape is much more than just "Fat", it's a bona fide Hip Hop history lesson."

Boombap Original Rap

"Sloppy White brings the tasty treats on "Fat Tape", from the minute you open the wrapper the rappers get open. This is the good stuff. Milky!"

DJ Ivory - P Brothers

"This mix is dope, it represents an almost forgotten era of hip hop production which any one who is truly into hip hop will recognize and love, it definitely deserves the title FAT TAPE"

Macca aka Beathoven - Puma Strut

"I'm REALLY diggin' it, cousin. From the packaging (you need to get an award for the Hershey kiss idea, homie!) to the mixing, the music itself and, finally, the website presentation. You definitely get an a+ from the Soulman for this one!"

Phil the Soulman

"Why don't they make hip-hop like this anymore? Sloppy White brings back the butters you never knew were even there."

Oliver Wang / DJ O-Dub

"...the tape is hot! It took a few days to convince myself to undo the hershey's kiss wrapping from the disc, but it was well worth it. Really impressive selection. I'd like to come steal some of your records."

Mike the 2600 King

"I listen to CDs when I cook. If one remains in the CD player until I'm done, it's gotta be damn good. This one's stayed in for a week straight."

Eothen "Egon" Alapatt - Stones Throw Records