Godfather Don, Sleeping With the Enemy, Hazardous, Select Records 1991
Godfather Don - Sleeping With the Enemy
Hazardous - Select 1991
This is a fucking great album! How the Hell this slipped past the "reissue radar" I don't know. Hazardous is one of the better offerings that Select put out there in the very early 90s. It's chocked full of fast rhymes and up-tempo production all laid down by Don himself. Sleepin With the Enemy is just one of many burners from the LP. The title track along with Read The Lines, Keep Sweatin' and Involuntary Excellence never disappoint. Don went on to turn some knobs and guest spot on Ultramagnetic MCs Four Horsemen LP for Wild Pitch and continued his recording relationship with Kool Keith as Cenobites. This album is very hard to come by even on CD let alone wax. So please, if you see the CD just get it! It's a damn classic!
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