Maestro Fresh Wes, Jazz Tip, Another Funky Break 12
Maestro Fresh Wes - Jazz Tip
Another Funky Break 12" - Polydor 1991
Here's Wes again, and this time he's updated his sound stepping into the 90's with the help of Main Source's K-Cut and Sir Scratch with this incredible smoker. The production on this joint is just as solid as anything off of Breaking Atoms. Crisp drums with a nice bass line and guitar riff coupled with a little piano tinkle provides motivation for a powerful delivery by the Maestro. This is without a doubt the best track from his sophomore release A Black Tie Affair. It's a decent album with some good tracks but it does have some duds. The bonus about the single (pictured here) is you get the instrumental. Man, I could listen to that for days. Another one that's getting tougher to find.