Big Daddy Kane, The Wrath of Kane, I'll Take You There 12
Big Daddy Kane - The Wrath of Kane
I'll Take You There 12" - Cold Chillin 1988
Whoa! Why this track wasn't included on Kane's classic Long Live the Kane I'll never know. It hits as hard as anything from that album or the follow up, It's A Big Daddy Thing. This track lives as the b-side to the single I'll Take You There in 12" and 7" format (the 45 comes in a nice little picture sleeve too). This is Kane at his best with Marley and Mr. Cee providing excellent production and DJ work. It's all tight and mows you over at high speed. As far as I know this single has not been reissued. Some fans thought they were getting this track on the recently released The Very Best of Big Daddy Kane, but the track presented is a live version. The live version is okay but the studio version would have been a better addition to the compilation. You shouldn't have too much difficulty spotting this one since Kane was a popular artist for Cold Chillin, selling a decent amount back in the day. Just be prepared to pay around 15 to 20 bones.