Craig G, Dopest Duo, The Kingpin, Atlantic Records 1990
Craig G - Dopest Duo
The Kingpin - Atlantic 1990
After dropping singles like Shout and Transformer for the legendary Pop Art label in the Mid 80's, Juice Crew alumni Craig G dropped this album for Atlantic in 1990. While not spectacular it does offer a few good tracks like Dopest Duo and The Final Chapter. Marley Marl completists will want to pick this up since he's turnin' the knobs. Marly really had a good ear for pulling in guitar riffs for his productions. The whole thing works perfectly as Craig and Marly certainly make a nice team. And the Spock sample suggests a parallel with another dope duo known as Shatner and Nimoy. And on that note, you don't have to travel to the corners of the universe to find this one.