Lakim Shabazz, When You See A Devil Smash Him, The Lost Tribe of Shabazz, Tuff City Records 1990
Lakim Shabazz - When You See A Devil Smash Him
The Lost Tribe of Shabazz - Tuff City 1990
I was never too good with math but I know one equation that holds true: Lakim + 45 King = DOPE! Lakim really deserves more exposure on his first album, Pure Righteousness, and his sophomore release, Lost Tribe of Shabazz. This gem is taken from the second album released in 1990. To my ears this track is one of many that epitomizes the early signature sound that DJ Mark the 45 King cultivated during his stint at Tuff City. Lakim laced the cut with his politically conscious lyrics which make up the majority of his catalogue. If this don't get your soul groovin, then you're a devil that needs smashin! His 2 LPs and twelves are getting harder to come by these days.