Hostyle, It's Our Turn, Get Off , Atlantic Records 1989
Hostyle - It's Our Turn
Get Off - Atlantic 1989
I really don't know the history behind Hostyle other than Kaos and DJ Homicide were another late 80s Atlantic group that seemed to have disappeared into obscurity after one release. This album is sort of all over the place as far as style goes. There's the standard love track Just A Dream Away and your basic House cut In The House. There's even an "educational" cut on farting, Oops, There Goes Another, complete with ass squirts and toilet flushes. Getting past that drek, Get Off does offer a few hard hitting tunes like Keep On Moving, Hardcore and the smoker featured here, It's Our Turn. Sure the Incredible Bongo Band's Apache was a sure shot looped up on any track at the time, but Hostyle came with raw lyrics to take the cut to the next level. DJ Homicide displayed some nice scratching skills as well. A copy is probably waiting for your dollar in the cheap bins...