III Most Wanted, Lights Out, Most Wanted, Fever / Sutra Records 1989
III Most Wanted - Lights Out
Most Wanted - Fever/Sutra 1989
About five years ago I remember diggin' at this warehouse shop on the north side of Chicago that had tons of cut outs. They would put 2 albums together and shrink wrap'em then sell them both for about 4 to 5 bucks. The three times I saw this record there it was packaged with the first EPMD album. Ahhh… those were the days. This has gotta be the best ish to come out of the Fever label or at least that I've heard. III Most Wanted's Most Wanted has got some really dope ass cuts on it including Keep Your Distance and Calm Down, which you may have heard before. Lights Out rolls along with the infamous Amen Brother break setting the pace. Nice job to Charlie Chase on chopping it up slightly different than we usually hear it. Very tough LP to come by nowadays.