Makeba and Skratch, Candy Rappers, Mental Fitness, Nuff Said Records 1991
Makeba and Skratch - Candy Rappers
Mental Fitness - Nuff Said 1991
I have to admit I was a little disappointed when DJ Ivory dropped Makeba and Skratch's Ain't It Funky single on his very nice Hear No Evil mix CD. I had initially planned to use that one on this mix… oh well… If any one knows the story behind these guys, please let me know. I know in addition to the aforementioned single they put out one album on the small Nuff Said label. The album has some cuts that are just as raw as that first single and this is definitely one of them. Makeba and Skratch (and Lyn Collins) move the crowd at full speed while eatin' up "the suckas" and disgarding "the candy rappers" (perfect for Fat Tapes' visual theme, eh?). There definitely is some good chemistry going on here. Get out your miner's hard hat cuz you're gonna have to go deep for these guys.