Doctor Ice, The Mic Stalker, The Mic Stalker, Jive Records 1989
Doctor Ice - The Mic Stalker
The Mic Stalker - Jive 1989
Remember Full Force? The 6 Hulksters who look like they stepped right out of the local GNC and into the production spotlight during the 1980s. These guys banged out a number of hits for Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam and should be most thanked for their work with UTFO (Roxanne Roxanne). In 1989 They produced UTFO member Doctor Ice's Mic Stalker solo album for Jive. Although most of there shit leans toward the weak side production wise, this little ditty sparked hardy and clever lyrics from the Doctor. The Ice man dropped MCs not with his hands but with "premeditated literature". Damn, that's a good line… There are a few solid tracks off this LP with some good sample sentences to be dug out as well. You can find this one most likely in your local shop's cut out bins or a warehouse for sure.