Style, The Assassinator, In Tone We Trust, Select Records 1990
Style - The Assassinator
In Tone We Trust - Select 1990
Select Records had one hell of a run in the rap game back in the day and this album by Style is often over looked. I remember seeing copies of this just sittin' in the bins a few of years ago. I haven't seen it any where nowadays. The Assassinator is one of the better up tempo cuts from the album and a good one to follow the Greyson and Jasun track. I believe this cut also made it as a single as well. It also features some pretty dope scratch sentences for battle DJs such as "Tell'em who the fuck I am"... perfect. How You Livin is another nice cut and Hip Hop Blues could be the first time we hear the Lee Michael's piano loop from Who Could Want More. Well, certainly before Young MC took it to The Principal's Office and the pop charts. Tough to get a hold of.