Greyson and Jasun, Hard As They Come, Sweatin' Me Wet, Atlantic Records 1991
Greyson and Jasun - Hard As They Come
Sweatin' Me Wet - Atlantic 1991
This is another one of those Atlantic acts that I described from the previous track. I remember back in the day when their single Livin Like A Troopa dropped. It even had a pretty cool video that ran on BET occasionally. They were visually presented with more of a street edge in the video than displayed on the jacket cover (Looks like they got the master key to the girls locker room or something). Greysun and Jaysun had a similar verbal style to EPMD (Erick Sermon specifically) and could have easily assimilated into the Hit Squad posse. Hard as They Come showcases Greyson's cool monotone delivery over JB's Cold Sweat complete with Jimmy Nolen's guitar stabs. This album only has a couple of good tracks… basically the aforementioned Livin Like A Trooper and Hard as They Come. Slick Rick completeists will wanna get this for his guest spot on Get Bizzy, which ain't too bad but Rick's done better. You should be able to dig this one out of a warehouse or cut out bin.