Black Rock and Ron, Getting Large, Stop the World, RCA 1989
Black Rock and Ron - Getting Large
Stop the World - RCA 1989
Straight off their album, Stop the World, Getting Large was one of a few nice jams served up by Black Rock and Ron. Paul C produced the majority of the tracks so you know its got a nice rough edge to the production. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the title track, Stop the World, thanks to Edan's Fast Rap mix cd. Getting Large has got all the right ingredients to keep your neck snappin'. Beware of the 12"! It's a stripped down mix and doesn't have half the punch of the album cut. There are, however, a few throw aways here. The title track, Black Rock and Ron, is a terrible House cut. I think it was standard practice to include a House joint on most hip hop records from this era. This album is getting tougher and tougher to dig up.