Partner In Crime, Do You Know What I'm Saying, Criminal Records
Partner In Crime - Do You Know What I'm Saying
Do You Know What I'm Saying 12" - Criminal 198?
This seems to be a little known gem from Arthur Baker's short lived 80s label, Criminal Records. I don't know anything about the rapper behind Partners In Crime, Easy El Gee, but this is a nice 12". They have strong verbal skills that sound similar to the early Stetsasonic sound. This track is faster yet similar to Stets' DBC Let The Music Play. Baker, who recorded on the label as Wally Jump Jr. and as the Criminal Element Orchestra, produced the track using Maceo's often sampled Across the Tracks to good effect. The flip, Mary Mary, doesn't possess the same energy as a-side. And yes it uses the old Monkees sample ala Run DMC. I haven't seen another one of these in years.