Supreme Force, You Gotta Come Out Fresh, Nia Records 1986
Supreme Force - You Gotta Come Out Fresh
Co Handlin' Things 12" - NIA Records 1986
No matter what you do you always gotta come out fresh. So this twelve seemed liked the best choice to kick off the set. Supreme Force's Come Out Fresh is one of my favorite cuts from the Nia catalogue. It's the tastey b-side to Co Handlin' Things. The Force consists of Easy E (not of NWA fame), Cool C and Freddie C (aka Freddie Foxxx). Could be the first time we hear Freddie Foxxx and Cool C on wax? Foxxx's hardcore persona is in its infancy stage here but it's interesting to hear him in this early setting, musically and lyrically. Cool C hadn't changed much after dropping his 89 debut with I Gotta Habit and I haven't a clue as to what happened with Easy E. Although this one is hard to get a hold of, be sure to check those 80's Electro lists. Nia put out a lot of Electro and I've seen this single get lumped in from time to time by default.